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If your looking for a kayak to go into the ocean, everything I said above applies If you only use this on lakes and rivers and thought another brands was more suited for that purpose, don't listen to the skeptics. We have made 9 nautical miles in rough conditions but the Malibu held very well. I have paddled many locations along both coasts of Florida and freshwater springs and lakes and have enjoyed every minute. The Malibu Two XL Angler is a pretty good kayak for anglers who always require a tandem-style kayak, but it is most valuable for anglers who want the flexibility to use the kayak for solo excursions too. All in all the Malibu 2XL is a great kayak, very stable, easy to fish out of and easy to handle. Ocean Kayak Malibu Two XL Tandem Kayak (Envy, 13 Feet 4 Inches) Buy on Amazon. Never tried it on sea. She has a tendency to stand at the tip and lean like its Titanic and the Malibu stays stable. It includes two Comfort Plus seat … I recently paddled Flamingo, Everglades National Park and fished for three days. Available to Order: Fort Lauderdale Available in Sea Glass, Ahi, Sunrise, and Envy, the Malibu Two XL by Ocean Kayaks is very popular and can be paddled solo or tandem. $400.00. Compare Now. I love this kayak. I am sure it can handle 2' waves, if not more. Good resistant material but not the thickest. It is an extremely stable boat with plenty of room for a big person on the back or for a small child or pet to ride in the middle. For two people, this is a stable ride and can handle open water very easily. I'm six foot and am in the last peg when seated in the rear. I really wanted to get out on the water with my wife, but she is not confident enough to paddle on her own. We bought the Malibu two XL because we needed something big enough for both of us and light enough that we could handle it. I was actually quite surprised how well it performed as a single. Tracking is good, it handles well in varying conditions, and there is plenty of room to pile on stuff for the day. I stand up and walk around on it so it is probably great for fishing. While it is large, it is manageable for the both of use to get on and off my Subaru racks. Great for fishing, very stable. This is a great kayak. You can do more with more kayak. It turns on a dime and glides through shallow water. I am 6'1" and still have plenty of leg room with my wife in front. All my kids have caught fish off it and my wife enjoys paddling it too. This boat had none of the fun of a Scrambler, but it will get you from A to B well. I use it to take my 3 and 5 year old daughters out. Editor’s Choice Inflatable Kayak: Advanced Elements. Shop early to beat delivery demand facing shipping carriers this holiday. It hits an affordable price point and is a very versatile boat. Fitted screw down hatches for better leak proofing and a full anchor trolley system. It's stable - although not as stable as the RTM Ocean Duo (the kayak that converted me to the sport) it holds very well against wind , keeping a straight line easily, it's "almost" dry inside, even without the scupper plugs on it with two + 1 people aboard, very well built. My Ocean Kayak is extremely stable even in choppy conditions and when I paddle with other people it seems to track better and use less effort to paddle. The handles are solid and well put together. My wife and I are new to kayaking and bought the Malibu II because it was so easy to get into and out of. It’s lightweight and well built, and most importantly, it’s a tandem kayak that can be piloted even when … Great fun in the sea … ocean kayak malibu … So I decided, after a deep search in the net and a close inspection on several kayaks - hull design, safety, equipment, and sturdiness - to buy the Malibu Two XL - fully equipped with two hatches, centre oval tank well, and seats - and I am more than satisfied. The only problem, and what may sway me to purchase the Sidekick instead, is that I noticed it would turn counter-clock wise when hit with wind off the water. A stable tandem sit on top kayak that can handle a variety of water conditions with ease. From paddling safety tips to pro staff spotlights, the Always On Top blog is your go-to source for all things Ocean Kayak … Considering it can be used effectively as a solo kayak or with a third (small) individual as well is icing on the cake. The scuba diving test will be another reason to write another review about this fantastic boat. Added width offer excellent stability. Required fields are marked *, Sign up to receive news on upcoming sales, product seminars and more, Patented overlapping foot wells allow for a center seated paddler to have comfortable foot bracing, Molded-in side carrying handles and bow/stern toggle handles, Paddle holders located on the bow left hand side and stern right hand side of the kayak and include a pull tab for ease in releasing and attaching the bungee to the bungee button, Ocean Kayak Malibu Two XL Kayak (out of stock), Be the first to review “Ocean Kayak Malibu Two XL Kayak (out of stock)”.

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