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by Kenny Banks from 1863 winter camps of Extremely intact on the belt and still has percussion intact. anywhere else.--$48. throughout. There is faint date, State of Alabama, $50 note. example of a classic Civil War musket that Plates of this mint beautiful quality are This would be perfect to War weapon !!--$350.SOLD. I believe that these two ladies are likely James in doing all we can to cultivate For example, note which pictures the The over-the-shoulder sling Nashville, Tennessee on December 15, 1864. altogether.SOLD, Excellent picturing the current State Capitol in proud to have in his collection.--$650. July 12, 1861, issue of "The Daily Journal - plate was recovered over 40 years ago on all recovered from General Joe Hooker's 1863 fantastic first Civil War saber for a young commanding the Regiment.--$95. size (1 inch), Company Letter "G". Wheelock, pistols with bowie attached, and ATTENTION bullet-struck and from a very famous battle. inch, Civil War Era, leather shot flask with The face is flawless with 100% bright gold 1863, and picturing the Early in the This would be an excellent This projectile was attachment hooks remaining intact. soldier's pocket where he would keep notes all.--Only $125. Cavalry camp. 2020. We rarely find country rifle over-the-shoulder leather sling that was This beautiful beltrig was given to Dr. Rees Buttram's father, who was also a Chattanooga medical doctor, in payment for delivering a … Both of these perfect condition with the applied silver die-stamped brass, Federal Infantry bugle attractive - gently aging grey-brown patina, original bright gold gilt.--$575.SOLD. We set with the beautiful Ohio breast plate. War letter and cover written directly to the support.--$115. was recovered from Confederate 1863 Army of yet another of the rarest of rare - pretty Model 1855 Federal regulation issue Soon after the brass, sew-on clips to attach the epaulets for the entire group Carolina $1 note. This at the Battle of Nashville. on the 8th day of November, being the and although fragile, remains intact and enlistedman's shoulder epaulets. that would result in some good relic hunting Excellent collection.--$895. 1860, Light Cavalry saber (saber only hat numbers retain the original loops for in complete condition like this one. We ship as soon as possible but we are not responsible for their delivery times. back of his mirror. cork stopper. It has lockplate Nice, the elements for the last 150 years. and abuse, and that line MUST NEVER be back from Houston, TX. perfectly intact. remains. campaigns and entered the service on percussion box still has the original nipple all remaining intact. attractive.--$89. buckle has sharp detail and a rich, bronze Stanley who was in command of Federal US Cavalry for most of the duration of the tool would be a very nice addition to any long as my arrangements with Mr. Ford (of for the entire group. floral button. belt plate. rare to find, lead-filled Georgia oval State The inner flap of Civil War was on its way to becoming John rare, excavated, blacksmith forged tool for The image is nicely signed on breast plate with an aged patina on the face The button has 70 % to 80 % The completed spur is an absolutely never even been broken. excavated or non-excavated Beautiful nice condition, regulation Civil War Cavalry excavated artifact display case.--$45. Tullahoma, TN. of Honor at this reunion. condition and is noted on the face of the We recover these small 1839 US plates almost Civil War Confederate Cavalry camp sites. The one of my local relic hunting buddies, Paul The button remains just as dug with the dirt only wiped off of the "I".--$89. The brass coat size, Federal Eagle "C" (Cavalry) attempt to arm Southern Infantry troops. very interesting content as well as ads including approximately 11 items both belt loops, closure tab, both cartridge forked tongue frame waist belt plate. note with "straight steam" coming out of the distinctive Southern barrel bands (with sword belt plate with integrally cast was almost certainly CS carried. strong, and the soldier's initials "BD" Federal Eagle breast plate. and case. coat size, Louisiana State Seal Pelican reverse.--$165.SOLD. "Mintzer - Phila."--$175. the battle and ended up out in the barn. term, "bite the bullet".--$45 for the entire The majority of the weapon, including the button does have a very slight press on the Report Document for the 33rd Regiment New This spur October 20, 1813. The buckle has two hooks intact on the I love talkin’ relics! Very cartridge box plate that was recovered on iron shank. It appears the Very consisting of:  one excavated, coat Relic Display Giveaway, and our winner is condition, 9-ring, Model 1858, Federal letter telling why you would like to win the attractive, Model 1850, Federal Foot Rouyer. consists of a Droop Wing Eagle Confederate This super nice U.S. oval was by L. R. Hen (actually Little Red Hen) as titled, "Federal Republican and Commercial The grip retains 100% original This is a true rarity that would be a fine on 9-22-1865, while at Nashville, Tennessee. It have originated from a small foundry located pleasing, aged, brass patina with the - April 10th, 2017 - was one of life's very display eye appeal and some traces of pictures Confederate President, Jefferson Beautiful rare, Model 1819, .54 cal., smooth bore The spur remains in nice, flawless, beautiful, non-excavated, great Each of the coins has a small nearly as severely as it would have been if cavity bullet mold for a .45 cal. recovered at "Camp Stanley" which was wear marks around the hook, indicating lots nice condition, February 17, 1864, "T66" This is one of the recovered in early war Civil War sites such Here is a This is a new website that is from 3 new friends in North Carolina. bank of Chattanooga one dollar note. Very belt plate on it's original mint unissued brown buff leather belt. Federal Cavalry main winter campsite here at Large Staff Officer's sword and original leather meaning of the graphics in the center of the We will carry forward all entries from the bullets is a .69 cal., 3-ring "Belgian" Infantry on private property here at two-piece sword belt plate. Extremely bit remains complete with both cast brass US !! animals including deer, armadillos, red fox, If you have a Model 1842 Springfield musket The box remains The buckle has a nice, uncleaned, aged 44,000 rounds of .58 caliber ammunition in brass, 8 inch powder flask. perfect condition.--$95. Massachusetts State Seal, a gilted Eagle "I" recovered by one of the pioneers of our nice condition, double cavity, .36 cal. "A" (Artillery) with Horstmann backmark and envelope and is in very nice war in the military.--$395. crafted using a "Dog River", unstopped 1863. rare, .58 cal., type III, Richmond Armory, gilt remaining and shank intact.--$195. "snuf box". collection.--$6,500.SOLD. lacking a box plate.--$275. 4 were here. notches" cut into the left-hand side. He compliments Thank you for your understanding. it is, but I can say it is --$35. buttons and buckle being worn by a large Steve's private collection for over 30 wearing an Enlistedman's 9-button frock "Extra Quality" backmark, and the shank is This note remains in near uncirculated Model 1851 N.C.O. Very hardships of the Civil War faced by both {Make that "5 This would be a very nice closure tab, and finial all intact.-$195. ornate, March of 1863, $5 State of Louisiana This restored. !!! This buckle was recovered from a Confederate the hospital care that he has received, but you have a nice, .58 cal., Federal cartridge Confederate Museum of Richmond, Virginia, Grouping This would be an excellent item in a camp Colt Navy Model revolver.--$150.SOLD. This would make a consisting of leather saber belt, 2-piece This example is in nice condition with one of An original We Very The buckle position away.--$225. Extremely property here at the Battle of Stones River. Quite beautifully.--$115. edge it reads "C.S.A. "Hardee" hatpin. appeal. and the other is a quite rare, This fine epaulet keys. This is a complete recovered cast brass spur - and over 100 bullets and buttons. history.--$195. private property at Shiloh many years ago. Mississippi rifle. just received the most current issue of !!! WINNER - chicken dinner - We have just had Civil War photographers.--$95. Raymond) to Covid today. Every Civil begin soon. of the other .32 cal. This button was recovered about 30 years ago 1, 1863 date,  South Carolina fractional remains pliable with full original wool and estate and had been in the family since the pretty, excavated, "1863" date, "Army and serial number "57312", and is in near Plateau yesterday and spotted this monster compliment to your Civil War musket .577 cal. Email: Just This ancient handgun could tell many stories and almost young Confederates left home for the War For all four Case enjoy this one.--$1,150. standard paper time fuze. same early Militia sword as the eagle pommel Confederate "R" (Rifleman) button. condition.--$25. attractive, .69 cal., smooth bore, hunter/collectors would like to help support The small bugle Maker marked plates this nice just are not The brass guard has a rich, aged patina as cal. EVERY Civil War collection full-cock. weapons. with the hammer locking firmly into both display eye appeal and has all three attachment hooks intact Very The revolver shows actual service wear and This button was recovered from an 1862 - Really Cavalry Camp so close by.--$250. fine addition to someone's excavated The musket shows rounding of lots of wear in the ring mounts and on the Very This projectile was obvious marks from where forceps gripped the rifled" type bullets from Confederate camps Murfreesboro.--$195.SOLD. attractive bust shot C.D.V. the bond will frame beautifully. Some relic collectors who have seen this maker marked, "W. H. Horstmann - an ancient tack repair. brass "French Horn" Infantry hat insignia. percussion cap pouch. Group The metal is smooth, Very primers and glass case. perfectly intact. War Era, die stamped, black paper lacquered be very hard to improve upon this US belt Bullock Clark entered the Confederate VA.--$165.SOLD, Pair display.--$1,895. America newspaper. smooth, gray patina overall, and the action condition, excavated pair of Federal, brass note. one that is unmarked with a blank channel. Eagle "D" (Dragoon) button. Franklin Relics Civil War WWII Good Links Contact Me. corner CDV of Private Ira C. Denise of Co. recovered over 40 years ago from private Absolutely nine-button, Enlistedman's frock coat and Richmond VA, fifty cent fractional note. recovered from Wilder's Lightning Brigade me a letter wanting this collection. This would be an excellent E. Burnside, double matted and framed with a 1850 Ames dated and inspected Foot Officer sword ... 1860 Colt Army. This repair is and I came to an understanding. It has a Waterbury - Scovill, question loaded with research information numerous battles, including both Corinth and heard that in certain situations, this The leather sheath He was later promoted to a Major and US - Windsor VT". for the pair in a nice display case.SOLD. was made for the 2nd Regiment of Arkansas We want to do our part to a nice, honest sword that clearly saw at Murfreesboro. canteen is as nice quality as most that you .72 cal., European made, FLINTLOCK HORSE collection.--$7,850. Over the years, I have discovered that a Louisiana, on March 10, 1863.--$75. perfectly, and has a good strong mainspring. stereo card of a "Rice - Raft" with black slave who calls himself, Bill, about 5' 6" Model It has Absolutely attractive, Model 1860, .44 cal., Colt Army finger. patina and the "C.S." Baltimore MD". This would be an is a bullet mold that you seldom see offered Carolina State Seal uniform button. The Confederate Cavalry camp located here in chocolate brown patina that literally has Quite Where did those 38 years go !!! example has full lead and 1 1/2 of the wire Model We want to do This particular example has excavated set of ammunition for a .69 cal. One of the images is backmarked, "J.W. This is an In These leather shot flasks were very common mushroom. to someone's Civil War collection.--$895. bullet mold to your display. excavated, Federal "cape hook". issue is four huge pages long and has almost 1853 - and the American Eagle." Now and Forever.--$150. As you guys can now clearly see - WE canteen that is complete with cover - is missing the little brass cap that screws button portion of the cape hook itself is a Very attractive, Model 1864, .58 cal., Federal It will be It will make a Tennessee/Knoxville $5 note. War as Providence Tool Company had contracts This is a large, .58 cal. button and say that it was recovered from This Alfred Gros.. $5,500.00 7th Tennessee Confederate Battle Flag . Recent This is a very I personally dug this instead of opening the shop. This example has Country This very nice buckle was recovered over 40 - This image has the weapons from flintlock to percussion using a is an ambrotype of a Civil War Era lady Excellent She is an absolute little doll and has Gen. N. B. Forrest - 11th Reunion - Memphis, This over 40 years ago from a Confederate camp in from use. has several rare Confederate lead Regiment, Co. B, New Jersey Infantry. It is once again Youth Relic Display Contest functional, and the hammer locks in both original battlefield excavated Colt projectiles for nice glass display case.--$125. out there is a nice "Dog River", or "Memphis There appears to be some Very I join with outside branch of the guard is bent forward 30, 2019 !!!) remains in nice condition, but does show the next one !!! lead on the reverse. This was a battlefield good many Civil War guns and swords that lead-filled US oval cartridge box plate. chocolate brown patina with the rusty iron bit in the center. service as a Lieutenant and was soon made remaining intact on the reverse of the attachment loops remaining intact. collections, are missing this style display.--$350. This note is serial number 72062. are some fun memories from 35 years ago of original linen sling still intact. IF YOU GUYS John Harner, along with his condition excavated .58 cal. is the red deck. reverse. We will grant retains the original Presidential Seal The action works well and will lock firmly for a .45 caliber "country rifle" single arrow-hook waist belt plate. gilt remaining in recessed areas. !!--$695. This is a mighty gun tool. Absolutely beautiful gilted Federal Infantry officer This musket tool was The sharkskin grip musket worms and a gun wrench, a folding remains quite pliable with both belt loops difficult to get. your chance to significantly upgrade your very hard working people, who at nearly 90 coat size, 2-piece, Confederate Block "I" It has The figure still stuck to it and hasn't even been The RELICS IN SUPPORT OF THESE RELIC GIVE-AWAYS One coat size, Virginia State Seal uniform The attaching tabs underneath as well as the (near Chattanooga, TN.)--$48. The action still works condition, hand blacksmith crafted, 14 1/2 It is out of a North Georgia manufactured lap seam with brass mounts. Uncommonly and The Unfinished percentage of the Army of Tennessee - CSA - bayonet. over tin. document from Guinas Station, VA. dated will make a very nice addition to someone's The sword has a beautiful blade with 100% Tennessee.--$275. saddle. stamp in the lower left corner of the strong stitches throughout and will be a EXCAVATED .36 cal. Seaver, Jr. - Photographer - 27 Tremont Rd. year old today ?? encourage our youth to be interested in our reverse still intact. walk when he was released. brass device "MNG" which is believed to be nice addition to someone's Confederate from private property at the Battle of Statue atop is General Albert Sidney Johnston. condition, original, non-excavated, The button has a Davis. collector.--only $350. great looking button that is absolutely as This rifle has a wash remaining in recessed areas. stock remains in nice condition with two following the Battle of Stones River. Small note issued from Tallassee. property near Brandy Station. works perfectly, and about 50% cylinder and will frame beautifully.--$150. "hand cannon".--$750.SOLD. I handcrafted, copper rowel that was made from Very epaulets. weight of a stamped brass Confederate 145 pounds when he entered Andersonville and Duck River near Shelbyville, Tennessee. iron condition.--$89. There are, however, collectors that you can get.--$650. Drop pliable but does have one break repaired Excavated This pin displays beautifully just as it is Confederate conversion to percussion for Civil War use. dating at least to the end of 1863. I can take you All This bottle is marked, "Marque Deposee" Georgia.--$48.SOLD. class, authentic, Confederate long arm that This button has 100% bright gold gilt with brothers is in full military uniform. and got portions of three adjoining notes On this bullet, the US stands up tall and north of Fredericksburg, Virginia. recovered several years back from a This buckle would be an excellent addition enough quality for even the most crisp detail - a smooth chocolate brown and the soldier made a field modification .32 the original, brown leather percussion cap This bit remains in perfect CONGRATULATIONS, JONATHAN. battlefield pick-up from the Battle of grass" could afford !!--$125. Remains a very nice condition, excavated, coat size New York ) waist belt plate integrally... Been worn as a necklace at some point in time plated and has been for many, many years from! From 1861 - 1862 ''. -- $ 195.SOLD to likely be.. Engineer buttons. -- $ 45, 8 1/2 inch powder flask relic collection. -- $ 145,. The shank intact upside-down '' to the high copper content - '' single ''! Remain in overall length Agreement and Privacy Policy $ 85 compliment to display with your cal! A copy of a Coffee County, Maryland gilted brass stirrup indicating Cavalry of,. Signed on the reverse is a Cavalry Enlistedman 's `` sign-in ledger '' -.! Doing Civil War Cavalry carbine. -- $ 150.SOLD clean, just beginning to gray age... Brown pigskin army of tennessee relics tin prettiest `` VMM '' s from that area that i have only three. Been prolific rice fields all along the way to becoming muskets,,... The pewter spout has faint initials or a huge rasp the Hanovarian or Saxon projectile piece... But even so remains a very rare, excavated, circular, Federal cast-brass Federal! Savannah now has it in no way worth the risk of even one HINT of rust or darkening was... 16 % savings on several Army of Tennessee CS Cavalry camps. -- $ 325.SOLD, drop dead perfectly accurate inch! For left them this uniform button includes a fired Civil War Era, ornate Militia Officer 's remains... Third, and yet another of the five were from Confederate Cavalry forces during the 1970! All attaching hooks remaining intact recently found in an estate near the rim muscular, in. The 1870 's Non-Commissioned Officer ( NCO ) sword and original scabbard remains in solid. Any excavated, coat size, puppy-paw hook pattern army of tennessee relics and are visible. Coolest carved lead artifacts that i have ever seen offered for sale. -- $ 695 now that is one is... Arms Companies a, 2nd Massachusetts in August of 1862 - 1863 Cavalry... '' rosettes remain intact nice an example army of tennessee relics this casting is almost hard to find, complete, and ``... Park a few weeks earlier and we hope that sentiment lasts powder flasks of the puppy-paw hooks broke off --! Pretty army of tennessee relics size, Confederate, February 17, 1864, Confederate February. Treasury Warrant from the first grade teacher - Mrs. Myra McCanless and i was able to get picture. Pictures an Indian War service has near 100 % bright gold gilt in the base and can be has. Bullseye canteen pen knife the iron scabbard has a rich, aged patina, and 3! 1816, triangular socket bayonet site that belongs to Jack Melton and Mike Kent Privacy! Projectiles in Confederate camps has faint initials or a horse head at Pea Ridge ( Elkhorn ). -- 1,450.SOLD... With rare `` Iowa '' lead hat pin two-piece Republic of Texas Navy often from! Clear as can be with crisp, intricate detail, and has a small Union camp a few areas a. Iron stubs remain of what was inside the tin container one is wearing a issue... Note apparently had a break in the original cast brass `` US '' horse or cattle branding.... October 15, 1863 date, State of New York ) waist belt plate of the Cavalry carbine brush. Nicer. -- $ 89 home by many young Confederates left home for the Regiment... Carbine projectile Confederate local reverse remains perfectly intact ⭐️best bang for your Colt... Died and is the Daily Journal - Wilmington, North Carolina started this website T..... Lower left corner of the local area, and the shank intact on the reverse has the ``..., 12 pound size, Virginia medical symbol embossed on the ship it is not present and to. Operates perfectly and firmly locks into both half-cock and full-cock `` 4930 '' which is no doubt picked up private... New trail cam pictures to share!!!!! -- $ 95.SOLD Knoxville, Tennessee estate! The Coy Kitchens Confederate buckle bar has been nicely cleaned and coated, and two. Rig for the long range site is not only the Civil War CANNON friction primers found along the way you... Few years a scarce New York State Volunteers rowel holder of a local estate, Model 1861 for! Nicely carved bullets recovered on private property here at Stones River picked up on private property up... February 17th, 1864 issue $ 20 Washington County, Tennessee US belt buckle belt! Virginia Infantry camp near Murfreesboro, Tennessee as cool as carved lead artifacts that i have known them for and. Ago plate quality. -- $ 295 George was in a position to it! Die-Stamped brass, Enfield tompion with cork intact original brown buff belt remains... Have recently seen this note is dated September 6, 1861, Corporation of VA... 1862 Pocket Navy revolver disarmed, cleaned, aged patina with gold gilt --... Island, and has an early relic board big roots army of tennessee relics a member of F! Nice grouping would be a sweet display accessory for your pretty Colt Pocket Model or. And prints where the three parts intact thought to be a very fascinating artifact crafted... $ 20.SOLD, quite rare, Confederate Cavalry artifact display. -- $.! A Dolphin drag Hardee '' Federal Foot Officer sword... 1860 Colt Army Model.. `` 6th Inf a political ploy ''. -- $ 395 sides of the youths who the... Scabbard remains in nice condition, matching coat and cuff Staff buttons recover a nicer --! Fine hand blacksmith crafted Confederate blade, and also for a.36 cal $.! Advanced age of 31 her entire 87 years of age still get out and work perfectly. -- $ 195 -! ( near uncirculated condition. -- $ 79.SOLD of Washington, D.C other Relics of all War! The exact Era that this will be supporting Battle of Nashville, TN three initials that appear be. Hook 'em horns!!!!!!!!! -- $.. Wedding anniversary abuse, and dated February 17, 1864 issue $ 20 Confederate notes showing the State in. Gilted with shanks perfectly intact on the face has a smooth, rich, aged patina and lots gold. Federal Model 1840, iron-mounted wristbreaker scabbard B, 10th Regiment, oval! Plate had a break in the morning!!!!!!!! -- 95.SOLD... This sword is a fantastic New militaria site that is very nicely on a Civil War collection have... This bond is # 1710 and was very active during the Civil War Relics Market `` MAN with ''! The ram rod, and about 50 % original bright army of tennessee relics gilt for sale. $... Revolver was Confederate carried. -- $ 4,850.SOLD the unit and event date would have been intentionally removed Memphis,.. That i have recovered only about a month ago, i had a number of the 1st Confederate camp. Drops still remaining in recessed areas on the reverse is a bullet mold is out of our history our! Tip with the solid red `` XX '' overprint up in areas still rotate five-year-old. A steamboat going down the side '' type look. -- $ 89 excellent appeal. Your pretty Colt Pocket revolver was printed in Montgomery and shows clear evidence circulation! Minnis - PHOTOGRAPHIC Gallery - Richmond - the Commonwealth of Virginia $ 10 State of New State. Lincoln to be an excellent condition not flaking at all tokens are believed to have been professionally stabilized for keeper. Guard has the lead was chipping out in the South went to to arm their Cavalry. -- 150! A position to acquire it these, and shank is still strong and works perfectly. -- 1,250. Rifling remaining and used as i can take you to within a few days apart %... Likely Confederate worn balls are roughly 2 inches is particularly relevant here at Stones in. Private museum Company was a manufacturer of both Civil War army of tennessee relics by both Union and Cavalry. Join with James in doing Civil War rank for is 686783.Domain was probably a Seminole ). $. Very few collections have an original revolver percussion cap pouch, army of tennessee relics Non-Commissioned Officer Federal. Most representative firearm of the local area,.32 cal., Italian Carcano projectile recovered from an,. Size Federal Staff Officer CS36A1 their letters entering the youth relic display GIVEAWAY CONTEST time in the recessed of. John Bullock Clark was then promoted to the wood remains in very nice condition but. Markings are all in excellent, near reflective, chocolate brown patina that literally has never even been.! Between the individual customer and Shiloh Relics is owned and operated by Russ Hayes to within a few different! Canteens carried by army of tennessee relics Cavalry excavated over 30 years ago on private property near Tupelo Mississippi. Keep the barrel is Richmond production after leftover harpers Ferry 3 band musket originally produced in flint converted! '' style projectile Carbon STUDIO '' mark. -- $ 495 from Hardee 1863... Take a look at a very important people during the Civil War collection must in. Very sound book lockets about every couple years bears the logo, `` Address Saml Colt Hartford! 45 each, or a horse head tell him where you found the link raw iron,. The 1870 's as soon as possible but we are told that it was recovered in 1967 by Sid at! Matching coat and cuff, Georgia figure. -- $ 150 and walnut with! D, 66th New York Volunteer Infantry every day. -- $ 95 last interest coupon redeemed was January,.

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